Wednesday, April 7

Posted On April 7, 2010

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Kay Robinson reports that the Rifle Snowmobile Club’s trail was groomed to Triangle Park today. The parking lot was plowed and trail conditions were very good. There wasn’t a lot of snowmobile traffic so it wasn’t a problem to ski on the snowmobile trail. So if you want to get in some more skiing, the parking lot is not muddy yet and the snowmobile trail is groomed. However it is colder up there, about 25 degrees today.

Thanks for the update, Kay!


2 Responses to “Wednesday, April 7”

  1. John Leybourne

    Peggy, good election yes no???

    but on a more serius note. What is the WEMUC plans for the spring/summer months. I Mtn Bike up there alot and was thinking there needs to be alot of trail work done. Thoughts?

    many thanks agian for all that you , Tod and the Board do!

    John Leybourne

    • Peggy Tibbetts

      Great election — yes!

      Plans for the summer and bike trails so far are this:

      National Trails Day
      Saturday, June 5, 2010
      Volunteers will be working with Kyle Grambley from the White River National Forest, Rifle Ranger District to do clearing and brush cutting on the Mansfield Trail.
      We need volunteers from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
      Meet at the Forest Service sign just past the cattle grate where the pavement ends and turns to gravel road.

      We appreciate the feedback — thanks!

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