Saturday, March 20,2010

Posted On March 21, 2010

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Spring conditions on the trail – good snow and lots of sun.

Friday’s storm brought 4″ of fresh snow and Saturday the trail was packed and groomed with the ginzugroomer.  The season is winding down and next weekend we’ll be pulling up the trail marking stakes.  We’ll also be taking the ginzugroomer to it’s summer storage next weekend.

Anyone that can help Saturday, March 27th is asked to be at the trail head at 2PM.  We need 4 or 6 people to get the groomer on the trailer.  If you are able to help, send me an e-mail at , give me a call at 876-2196, or just show up. 

It’s been a great season and thanks to all that have helped with the trails this year.  Everyones’ efforts really produced good results this year.  If you have any suggestions for what can be done to improve the trails for next year, please let me know.

Tod Tibbetts


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