Saturday, February 20th

From Tod Tibbetts:

WOW!!! It’s winter on the trail!  The trail has gotten over 24″ of snow in the last week and it was still coming down when we left at 4:00PM today.

After a great ski in about 6 to 8″ of powder on a firm trail, I ran the snowmobile around Kay’s and Eric’s loops at the edges to keep it open and slightly packed.  There will be powder on the trail tomorrow, how much is anyone’s guess.  I also ran the road coming up the hill past the cabin on James’ loop.  For those that want a workout, James’ loop has plenty of powder.

Anthony ran Kay’s and Eric’s loops with the Ginzugroomer on Friday, but got stuck a couple of times.  We need to wait for the snow to stop and then pack the trail well before we will use the Ginzugroomer again.  From the weather report, it may be a while before that happens.  It’s a powder hound’s paradise. 

Enjoy!! 🙂


5 Responses to “Saturday, February 20th”

  1. Kyle

    Hello friends! I had a great day yesterday (2/22) snowshoeing James’ Loop. It was a great surprize to see the packed trail from the cow camp! Thank you. It was a beautiful day! I’m looking forward to doing the loop again next weekend!

  2. Peggy Tibbetts

    Hey Kyle, thanks for posting. I think Kay and James packed out James’s Loop on Sunday. We’re really pleased with the way the trails have held up under all this snow.

  3. John Leybourne

    Tod, Peggy and the pooches,

    Laura and I will be up there in the A.M. on 2/25, and will post a conditions report, supposed to snow pretty good all day!


  4. John Leybourne

    James’s loop was great! anywhere from 4-9 in of fresh and was coming down untill we got back to the parking lot.

  5. Peggy Tibbetts

    Thanks for the trail report, John. We don’t groom all of James’s Loop with the snowmobile so it’s good to get feedback. Don’t hesitate to make suggestions if you see where improvements are needed.

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