A message from our founder, Kay Robinson

Happy Holidays!

I am so honored to have a trail named after me. Thank you. However if it had not been for the hard work and dedication of 3 extra special people this trail system would never have survived for seven years.

I would like to say thank you to:

James Fletcher and his North Snowshoe Trail;

Yvonne Chambers and her faithful secretary and treasuer work; and

Eric Boley for his great extended base and trail snowmobile efforts.

I would also like to thank Tod and Peggy Tibbetts for volunteering to keep this fantastic trail system going. They came to our rescue.

And let’s not forget our great shared parking area, that primarily the Rifle SnowMobile club takes care of along with Garfield County. All this while we work together with our White River National Forest area folks!

JOIN and Enjoy! 

Many thanks,

Peggy’s response:

Thank you Kay!

At Kay’s request we are changing the name of [North] Snowshoe Loop to James’s Loop.


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