December Newsletter

Posted On December 4, 2009

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Steve Maznio, owner of Character Builders in New Castle, has donated a Polaris snowmobile to the club. Tim Kwiatkowski is tuning it up so it will be ready when the snow flies. Tod Tibbetts will use that machine to groom trails. However we are still looking for a trailer for it.
Anthony Benham, owner of Independent Bicycle Repair in Silt, is donating the use of his snowmobile and trailer and he has also volunteered to be a trail groomer.

We’re ready for our first big snowfall. As soon as it comes we will be able to groom those trails.

Thank you Steve and Anthony!


It’s high time we name our trails. We have been referring to the trails as the Short Loop, Outer Loop, and North Loop (half mile from trailhead turn left).

The Short Loop will now be known as Kay’s Loop, in honor of the club’s founder, Kay Robinson and her many years of hard work keeping up our trail system. The North Loop will now be called Snowshoe Loop because that best describes it.

Please help us name the Outer Loop, which trails off to the left at the Y just before the downhill on Kay’s Loop.

Send your suggestions to Peggy at:

Then watch this blog for the Name that Trail poll.


If you haven’t already heard, WEMUC Executive Director Tod Tibbetts received preliminary approval for $4,000 in funding from Garfield County to help with equipment needs. We hope to receive those funds in January 2010.

Rio Grand Trail and Corridor Manager Robert Comey has offered to sell the club a snowmobile and groomer for $1,900. The equipment was previously used on the Rio Grand Trail between Carbondale and Basalt. We are planning to purchase the snowmobile and groomer with part of the funds from GarCo.

We will use funds we currently have available to purchase a trailer for the snowmobile donated by Steve Maznio. If you know of any good deals on trailers please contact Tod Tibbetts.


This fall the club has received over $300 in member renewals and donations. Thank you!

On average it costs $35 in gas to groom the trails,including transportation to the trailhead. We plan to groom twice a week during heavy snowfalls. Your support helps us keep the trails in good shape. Renew your membership today!



This photo was taken on November 27. Not enough snow to groom at that time. Snowshoeing would be okay in the woods. We expect our first big snow any minute now. Information on trail conditions will be posted here on this blog. Spread the word.


Snowmobiles do a pretty good job of setting a track to ski on. By far the best way to really pack the trail and build up a good base is to snowshoe it. All season long we need snow-shoers to get out and pack the trail, especially the Snowshoe Loop (North Loop) which is narrow and impossible to groom with a snowmobile. In the gully the snow gets too deep and the snowmobile gets stuck. Take the challenge and test your skills.


Wood craftsman needed to make the following signs:
West Elk Trail (for trailhead)
Kay’s Loop
Snowshoe Loop
plus one more once we choose a name for the Outer Loop

Can you help?
Please call Tod or Peggy Tibbetts (#’s in the book)
Or email:


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