WEMUC Calls for Volunteers and New Members


What is WEMUC?  It’s the West Elk Multi-Use Club, a small organization supporting a hidden gem of 12 miles of scenic Nordic ski and snowshoe trails right in our backyard. 

These dog- and family-friendly trails head out from the West Elk Trailhead parking lot (complete with toilet) situated in the White River National Forest, just off the Buford/New Castle Road. 

Over the past few years a small band of eight local snow enthusiasts has created and maintained a network of ski/snowshoe trails that range from easy to challenging. The trails meander through rolling meadows and glades of aspen and pine, and reward the user with breathtaking views of the distant Grand Hogbacks.  In the summer, wildflowers replace the snow, and in the fall the gold of the aspens lights up the trails.  These “off seasons” offer superb biking and hiking, as well as horseback riding and picnicking.

The dedicated “WEMUCers” are now putting the call out for more members and volunteers, to help with the various tasks of keeping the trails open and accessible to all.  They need help in the form of trail grooming and cleaning, marker placement and removal, grant writing to obtain a heavy duty snowmobile and groomer, membership and financial contributions, and event planning such as a possible moon light ski and snowshoe next month.

Call Kay Robinson (625-3663), James Fletcher (625-5302), or Tod Tibbetts (876-2196) for more information.


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