West Elk Multi Use Club 2008-2009


Hello members of the WEMC!

There is enough snow to ski or snowshoe and more looks like it’s on the way. Late this fall, before the snow came, the trails were cleared of down timber by our volunteers and are being packed by snowmobile the weekend of 12/6. So, the trails are ready for use for this winter.

LOVA (Lower Valley Trails Group) has again come through with funding to pay for our liability insurance that the White River National Forest requires us to have.  This is an annual cost of approximately $700.00 and LOVA’s contribution is welcome.

This year we are keeping the dues at $ 15.00 per person. Dues are used to help defray the cost of packing the trail by volunteers on snowmobile. Dues also pay for the trail marking supplies. We have decided to keep the dues as low as possible in hopes people that use the trail will contribute this nominal amount, but extra donations are welcome.  With gas costs high and the heavy snowfalls last year, there were no funds left over from last year, so your financial support is essential in keeping the trails packed.

We are hoping to get more members signed up this year. If you know of anyone that would enjoy the trail system our group is maintaining, please let them know about it and encourage them to join the Club. Remember the Forest Service just gives us permission to use and maintain the trail system, it does not contribute to those costs.

Because of the snow volume we experience at the elevation the trail system is at, using personal snowmobiles to pack the trail is hard on those machines. To do the job that is needed, the Club needs to get a snowmobile designed for heavy snow and for pulling a packer/groomer. This equipment costs around $5,000 to purchase and there are grants available for its purchase, but it requires a more formal organization than our current structure to apply and be awarded these grants. To that end, we are re-structuring our Board. We have added two new members, Tod and Peggy Tibbetts, and are looking for a couple more. It’s a minimal commitment of a couple meetings per year. With a Board of about 8 people, the minimal amount of work that needs to be done gets spread out so no one individual has too much to do. If interested, please contact any of the current Board members.
The current Board members are:
James Fletcher – Chairman
Yvonne Chambers – Sec/Treas.
Eric Bowley – Trails
Kay Robinson – Trails
Tod and Peggy Tibbetts – Helpers

Please send your dues to: Yvonne Chambers, 28580 US Hwy 6, Rifle, CO 81650

Thank you for your support.

Kay Robinson

“No man has a moral right to withhold his support from an organization that is striving to improve conditions in his sphere.” – Theodore Roosevelt


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