Welcome to the West Elk Multi-Use Club blog!

Greetings West Elk Multi-Use Club members!


We are your hosts, Peggy and Tod Tibbetts from Silt, Colorado. We thought a blog would be a great way for club members to meet, stay connected, share photos, update trail conditions, and make new friends. You don’t have to join anything to participate. All you need to do is post to the comment section. Or you can contribute a blog post, just send photos and/or information to Peggy at: peggyt@siltnet.net

We will post everything on the blog for you. How easy is that?

We don’t have a member email list yet, so please feel free to send your email address to Peggy and we will start a database of emails for sending out special announcements. Peggy is also working on a button so you can subscribe to this blog.

We were on the trail Saturday, January 10 and found it in great shape. The trail had been tracked recently by a snowmobile, so it was smoother and wider than it has been in several weeks. We forgot the camera. Doh! But we DID come up with the idea for this blog while skiing. So that’s something.

On New Years weekend we met up with several snowshoers on the trail. Snowshoers do a great job of packing the trail. A couple snowshoers asked whether or not the skiers wanted them on the trail. We said, “Yes! Of course!” And thanked them for packing the trail. So let’s clear the air about snowshoers. West Elk is a multi-use trail. We WANT snowshoers. We NEED snowshoers. Snowshoes pack the trail. So spread the word. Skiers are snowshoe friendly. Everyone is welcome. All trail packers are much appreciated.

If you’ve been out on the trail recently, please post your comments and/or send your photos to Peggy. You can also post questions and we’ll try to find the answers. We encourage everyone’s participation. Be sure to bookmark this blog.

Do you know other West Elk trail users who would like to stay connected? Please help us spread the word about this blog.

See you on the trail!


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