Saturday, March 29


Beautiful Spring Day on the Trail

The season is winding down.  Tod Tibbetts ran snowmobile around Erik’s Loop and Todd Kupka ran the ginzugroomer on Hwy 819, Kay’s Loop and the Cut Off Trails.  Last week, the trails got around 6-8 inches of spring snow.  With the warm days and cold nights, the trail will get glazed.

Trail marking stakes will be pulled next Saturday so get out and enjoy the last couple weeks of a maintained trail.

It’s spring on the West Elk!

20140323_125319It’s spring time on the West Elk trails! Even the dogs are excited!

Todd Kupka ran the ginzugroomer on all trails on Friday, March 21. All trails are in excellent spring skiing condition. The hills on Hwy 819 are beginning to ice up a little, but otherwise the snow is still fairly soft. Prepare for changing snow conditions, fast in the sunny areas and slower in the woods.

The last weekend of March (29-30) will be final grooming operations. The signs and stakes will be pulled the first weekend in April (5-6). If you can help please contact Tod Tibbetts:

team_sports_fundraiserOur Indiegogo fundraiser ends March 30.
Show your appreciation for our fabulous grooming team.

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Thank you!

West Elk Multi-Use Club Grooming Fund

Saturday, March 15, 2014


Only 15 days left to donate to our Indiegogo fundraiser!
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West Elk Multi-Use Club Grooming Fund


03_15_14Spring and Winter Weather in an hour

With the grooming done on Friday, the trail base was very firm and the fresh snow on top made skiing easy.  The weather went from wind chilled and cloudy to sunny and warm in the woods.

The temps today were in the low to mid-30’s with a stiff wind.  It looked like there had been an inch of fresh snow from last night.  With the stiff wind, the trail had a varied cover of snow, from a foot deep drift in some of the open areas to the inch covering in the woods as seen in the photo.

The forecast is for sun so get out and enjoy the trails.

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